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Farm Products

We use the CSA (community supported agriculture) model and sell our lambs by the whole or half share. Whole lamb deposits are $100 and half lamb deposits are $50. A whole lamb will provide around 40-50 lbs of meat (bone-in) and will cost approximately $350. Lamb is ready for your kitchen in mid November. All lamb cuts are USDA certified, processed, and frozen at Eagle Bridge Custom Meats.


A full lamb share contains the following cuts and approximate weights (bone-in):

2 legs at 6 lbs each

14 lbs of front shoulder (available as chops or roasts)

8 lbs of loin chops

2 lbs of rack

4 lbs of ribs

6 lbs of shank

2 lbs of stew meat

Lambskins are available on a limited basis for $200 each. 


For more information on lamb cuts and recipes, we recommend:

CSA Order Form

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