About Us

Longview Farm is our small family farm in Pownal, Vermont.    We came to farming because of our desire to be closer to life’s natural cycles and the source of our food. We have worked in the fields of ecology, health and community development and we bring these skills to the care of our animals, our land and     our community. We are committed to:


The health of our animals:

Our lambs get plenty of fresh air, sunshine, clean water, and lush green grass.


The health of our family and our customers’ families:

Our grass fed lamb has a higher nutritional value than conventional grain fed meats.  It is lower in fat, higher in protein and higher in heart healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.


The health of our environment:

We practice regenerative agriculture to build soil fertility, increase biodiversity and improve soil water retention. Our lamb has a low carbon footprint because it is produced and consumed locally.


Learn more about Pownal farms, businesses, and events:

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